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In a perfect world all jobs would go as planned, but in the real world, you need Mid-State Pipeline’s 27 years of experience and expertise.  

Committed to the Community

Employee Focused

Leadership & Innovation

Versatility & Adaptability

Our Story

We started in 1992. Jimmy Zumwalt had a friend looking for help with a pipeline station…

In 1992, a good friend approached me whose father was having a hard time finding another contractor to keep up with the demands of the pipeline station he was in charge of. The current contractor just couldn’t cover all of the work.

I had already been doing casual work at the station during summer breaks and weekends, so I signed on to help cover. The first jobs were sandblasting buildings and pipes and repainting them.

Soon after, I added a skid steer and started doing general maintenance.

 I hired my first two employees, Dave and Tony, in 1993. They are both still with me.

I ad grown up as an electrician’s son, so when the pipeline needed an electrician I stepped up to the plate. We just kept doing what we did, and soon, through word of mouth of our work spread to other pipelines and they asked us to do work.

We needed to diversify to stay busy during certain times of the year. We had the equipment and knowledge, so we stepped into doing utility work.

Capability Statement

Founded in 1992, Midstate Pipeline is located in Belle, Missouri where we maintain both a primary office and support facility.

We are a full service Civil and Utilities contractor allowing us to have a rapid response to all your challenges. As a service and client oriented contractor, our goal is to become your “go to” company for all your needs.

We pride ourselves in providing simple, straight forward solutions that are affordable. Completing difficult projects with limited access, tight schedules and the need for efficient material handling foster our success. We don’t talk about problems, we fix them.

Our Mission

Our mission is to establish lasting relationships with our clients by exceeding their expectations and gaining their trust through exceptional performance by every member of the Mid-State Pipeline team.

We strive to add value to all of our clients projects through innovation, foresight, integrity, and aggressive performance while maintaining an impeccable safety rating. Open, honest, direct communication, as well as motivated, flexible, dependable personnel is what Mid-State Pipeline is all about.

Our Vision

The future is bright for Mid-State Pipeline. We will continue our pursuit of knowledge. Whether it be technological advances, the latest in equipment, or continuing education for the Mid-State team, we are committed to being on the forefront of implementation.

We will continue with our mission of delivering quality, timely, and in-budget projects to our clients. We will also continue with our passion of bettering our community through both corporate and personal means.

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Mid-State Core Values

Committed to the community

Mid-State Pipeline’s commitment to the communities where we work and live will not waiver. We will continue to give back where the needs are greatest and where are convictions dictate, both corporately and personally.

Employee focused

Mid-State Pipeline realizes that its greatest asset is its people.

We treat each employee with integrity, dealing honestly with all. We provide the best tools, equipment, and training across all parts of the trade. We embrace new ideas and innovative thinking.

Leadership & Innovation

Mid-State Pipeline clients can rely on us to remain a step ahead of the curve in respects to industry safety advancements and workforce training, to apply the latest proven technologies on their projects and to be on the ground floor of industry standards for new and emerging markets.

Versatility & Adaptability

Mid-State Pipeline will continue expanding its expertise and resources across all disciplines of civil and utilities contracting. We will make inroads into new and emerging markets and not shy away from that which is unique and challenging. We guarantee responsiveness and adaptability to change.

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